SEO Tool: From traction, to front end, to python developing

The beginning of the week meant a new spring. So far, our SEO team has been researching how exactly Google ranks its websites based on keywords and how we would be able to replicate the algorithm. Late last week, Jessie and I worked on the UI for the report that would show up after the analysis. We worked on the basic framework and some design styles for the theme of the website along with Jenny and Michael.

This week, our sprint was all based around the back end coding we would need to do. We made all the user stories that we would need in order to finish essentially all the different parts of the tool that we thought we could accomplish by the end of the month. Then we chose which user stories we would tackle first. We picked the sets of tasks that involved the QScraper and the Majestic API. We began coding how we would receive and return the JSON that is given after the QScraper. After that, Pranav and I started making the modules which would return specific scores for parts of the algorithm. For example, how many keywords are in the URL would turn into a score 1-10. The creation of modules will continue. Also, we hope to complete finding the rank of a webpage on url for a keyword soon as it is a part of this sprint. SEO Quotient is coming along quickly!

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