Best Apps for Small Business: Freshbooks

Freshbooks is one of the greatest things since that last greatest thing that came out on the web for small businesses.  It is brilliantly simple and I have come to rely on it.  Nowadays, I cannot operate my business without it.  I’m totally dependent on Freshbooks.  Here is why.

In the web design business, clients are always trying to get more out of you than what they bargained for.  Particularly in a fixed-price contract, they love to ask for extra little things.  “Oh, could you do this or that?”  “Wouldn’t this or that be great?”  Yes, of course, we could do those things and definitely, that would be great to have on your website.  BUT, it will take an extra 2 days and $1,200.  The minute my client brings it up, I immediately go to Freshbooks and create an estimate.  The minute they agree on the estimate, I convert that into an invoice.  Now, I’ve got a record of all the little change requests they have made.

That is simply one good example of Freshbooks.  Before, I would let clients have hundreds of free hours of work.  This was costing me thousands of dollars.  You simply cannot manage a company like that.  Perhaps that is how nonprofits work, but we are not a nonprofit.  We simply cannot survive.  So, Freshbooks has helped me track change requests, account for every invoice and piece of work, and gives me reporting tools so I know our cash flow projections.

Freshbooks is a brilliant piece of software.  It lives in the cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS), Application Service Provider (ASP), and is available 24/7 from any web-enabled device.  Take control of your business, invoices, and finances – get Freshbooks!

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