Finalists selected for CS Summer Internship Hackathon

Herndon, VA – in partnership with Agileana, Balystic, and inQbation labs; we have finalized our list of invitations for the 2016 Summer Internship Hackathon.

We received several dozen resumes from some of the most highly qualified high school and university students on the East Coast.  Several of the applicants scored a perfect 2400 on their SAT exam and many had perfect grade point averages (GPAs).  All were well-rounded, multi-talented students with a bright future.

Unfortunately, we could only select a small fraction of the students but are thrilled to announce 9 students from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and 1 student from Dominion High School.  Names of students will be announced later this month.

CS Summer Internship Criteria

Given the large number of applicants, who we already consider some of the best of the best students in the Washington DC area, we had to create a set of criteria to help make rational, unbiased decisions for which students would be the best fit for the program.

For the scrum team, all students needed to have advanced web programming and development skills such as Python, Java, JavaScript, and MySQL.  Having only a basic set of HTML/CSS skills would not be sufficient to build a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that we intend to build over the course of a summer.

Because there were so many applicants, we also used SAT scores to help rank students.  Most of the students that we selected scored 800 in Math.  However, understanding requirements and communicating among the team is also very important, so we looked for SAT scores of at least 700 for Writing and Reading.

We were also seeking students with well-rounded interests, altruistic qualities, and indicators of being able to participate as members of the team.  So, students who participated in team sports, scouting, or some community organization also weighed heavily.

We look forward to sharing more about the students selected, the projects that we are working on, and the Lean Startup and Agile Web Development approach that we are taking to this CS Summer Internship Hackathon.

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