Feature Creep and Your Business Website

Buying a website is a lot like buying a car. Once you decide on the make and model you start adding options and the before you know it your cost has exceeded your budget. This is referred to as feature creep in the website design world and happens to even the most disciplined business person if they aren’t careful.

A little knowledge can be dangerous to your bank account when you have a website. The more you learn about the Internet and all the cool things people are doing online, the more you may want to “cool up” your own website. Marketing a product or service online is tough enough and as you research your competitors and see what THEY are doing it can compel you to get in a no win, feature creep battle that will eat into your profits and time.

When you design your initial website be sure to ask your website developer to make it scalable so you can add features over time without a major structural revamp. This gets expensive, frustrating and will waylay your focus which should be about making money not spending it.

Instead of insisting on the next new whistle or bell, concentrate on your next marketing move. Learn about Internet marketing techniques that don’t require expensive website overhauls. There are numerous inexpensive software applications that can assist you in marketing your business to the masses.

Trust your developer’s instincts when suggesting new modifications to your website. A good website developer will be able to separate your website needs from your desires and won’t encourage you to spend money unnecessarily.

You probably wanted a business website to increase your business earnings or launch new revenue streams so focus on making money. That means honing your Internet marketing skills rather than adding new toys to an already professionally designed website.