Facebook Timeline of Events – A of History Introductions

Typically, the introduction of new Facebook functionality is never warmly welcomed.  I am guilty of showing resistance to new Facebook features, maybe because I am a control freak and I hate when my interface changes without being able to have any control over it…  but I have to admit, I was able to clean up my act with Timeline’s face-lift to my Facebook profile.

Here’s a chart from BBC News displaying the history of introductions leading up to Facebook’s most recent introduction, Timeline.

Facebook Timeline of Events:
The History of Facebook Introductions & Growth of Active Users

  • September 2004 – The Wall, the original space where users and their friends can post and share content, is added to users’ profiles. Status updates which were of the form “user is…” are now “What’s on your mind?”.
  • September 2006 – News Feed and Mini-Feed are introduced – now users can see what their friends are doing on the network.
  • May 2007 – Facebook Platform launches, enabling third party developers to build applications and integrate with Facebook. It’s the platform on which hit games like Farmville are built.
  • May 2008 – Facebook Connect starts. Users are able to “connect” their Facebook identity to any site. It marks the beginning of the “log in with Facebook” world.
  • February 2009 – The “Like” social plug-in is added, allowing users to give positive feedback about online content they enjoy.
  • August 2010 – Location-based service Facebook Places begins allowing users to share information about where they are. This feature is later
  • January 2012 – Facebook announces “Timeline” will be mandatory for all users.  Timeline was launched in September 2011, allowing users the option to replace their existing profile with an audio visual timeline of their life.integrated with status updates.

In conclusion…

People tend to forget or ignore that there is a unwritten understanding / binding contract when you’re involved with technology & the Internet.   By using any application, tool, browser, website, etc… you agree to adapt to any advancements, enhancements, upgrades, make-overs, face-lifts, implants that are defined by the developers/creators/owners as necessary requirements to keep technology moving forward.

Now, if you disagree with their definition of “moving forward” then I suggest you make your own app, tool, browser, website, etc.. because if you didn’t make it or pay to develop it, you can’t really complain!  A lesson I’m still trying to teach myself 🙂

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