Facebook Timeline – Helped Me Clean Up My Act!

After Facebook’s recent announcement to make Timeline profiles mandatory for all users… I’ve observed an overwhelming opposition.   I am not the slightest bit surprised about this because I myself showed resistance, until I realized I had no choice.  I had to figure out how to love it, the same way I learned to love & use all of the features Facebook has introduced in the past.

In all honesty, I’ve been resistant to every single change that Facebook has introduced.  This includes when they introduced adding photos then tagging photos, I actually was outraged!   I thought… “What an invasion of privacy, how could they!?” Fast-forward to today and you’ll notice hundreds of photos and albums tagged on my Facebook account!

Outraged. That’s also how I felt when a few weeks ago I accidentally clicked switch to Timeline.  I spent hours reading blogs and looking for a way to go BACK!  The bottom line is, you can’t go back.. you are using Facebook’s services and therefore they make the ultimate decisions.

Now come to think of it, Timeline actually helped me clean up my “public image” if you will.  All of that exposed “private” information was already there!  It just probably took a super-stalker to click through all of your posts to actually find something from 2005, but my point is.. is that it’s always been there & easily accessible!

The difference now is that I can quickly access a time period on my wall i.e. back in 2005 (while I was a reckless college student).  Timeline allows me to quickly delete all of those “awesome decisions” I choose to make public via incriminating wall posts and embarrassing 3AM status updates that I thought were funny after a night out at the bars.

In the end, I’ve got to thank Facebook for introducing Timeline and allowing me to clean up my act!

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