Facebook Page Admins – Who Actually Likes This?

Ever wonder what everyone else sees when you click “like” on a Facebook Page that you are an admin for?

Let’s say you are an admin for a Page on Facebook.  Do you know what name shows up on your Page to your Page fans after you ‘like’ a post?  Admins are not able to ‘like’ or comment on posts to your page as their “real self” (under an actual name).

Here’s a helpful scenario…  My real name is Amanda Le.   I’m an admin for www.facebook.com/inQbation, our company’s Page on Facebook.

My ‘likes’ or comments posted to www.facebook.com/inQbation will always be displayed as inQbation likes this” and will never displayed as “Amanda Le likes this.”

My point is, I can’t interact with my company’s Page on Facebook as Amanda Le.

Essentially, you give your own post a thumbs up as an admin.  Congratulating yourself for something you did.  I think we all agree that ‘liking’ your own status post on Facebook is also the equivalent to high five-ing yourself in public.  I’m only bringing this up because it might take a while for a Page admins to notice this..

The admin’s view of their own interaction with the Page will always be seen as “You like this.”  This has always been true with Facebook ‘likes’.  So, whether the public sees your Page’s name or your real name… the admin will always see “You.”

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