End of Week 1: One Step Closer to SEO Success

Herndon, Virginia; Summer Internship Hackathon

After our morning standup, we broke off into teams again. In order to position, build, and market seoq.com effectively, Joyce, Luis, and I determined that we needed to map out the current SEO landscape and look for holes in the market. In order to do this, Joyce and I set to work examining the most highly visited and most popular SEO tools on the market. We focused on understanding what they were good at; and, more importantly, what areas they performed poorly in.

After lunch, we met with Blake and Luis and discussed our findings with them. Essentially, we found that while there was a great deal of market saturation in SEO analysis tools, the marketplace for SEO professionals has been implemented very poorly. Blake explained how there is a profound lack of trust in the community because clients of professionals have very little visibility into how there money is being used and even less into which professionals to entrust with their funds. Thus, we hope to see seoq.com fill a void by allowing for verification, authentication, and effective ranking of professionals to potential clients. This serves to benefit website owners looking to hire professionals and the good professionals looking to find work.

I am really excited to move forward with the building and marketing process. This week was good. Next week will be better.


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