End of Summer Agile Internship Hackathon

Friday, August 5th concluded our fifth and final agile sprint, and the summer internship hackathon.

Over these past six weeks, I’ve learned a ton about not only programming, but also how to interact with the people around me. I wasn’t expecting so many¬†takeaways from this experience.

Our team ran into a few obstacles along the way, especially with communication and learning to compromise with our differing opinions. I admit, occasionally I got frustrated and and felt it would be better to work alone. However, I realized that learning to work with people who may not share your view is an important skill to gain – not only for agile development, but also for life.

When I first walked into this office, I was hoping to gain some experience in coding and growth hacking, and a sense of direction for my adventures in Computer Science. This internship has helped me discover my interests and my strengths. I learned to love front-end development and web design, because unlike the back-end’s try-or-die principle, for front-end you get out as much as you put in. Same goes for everything, including this internship, high school, your career, and your life.

I hope to be able to work with InQbation and Agileana again in the future.

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