Drupal vs WordPress

Which is hotter: WordPress or Drupal?

WordPress is to the iPhone what Drupal is to the Android.  Meaning that WordPress is so easy that you don’t need a manual.  Just about anybody can teach themselves WordPress.  No technical skills required.  Drupal, on the other hand, needs a manual and some technical skills.  Indeed, I can train somebody on WordPress in a couple hours but I need a couple days to train somebody on Drupal.

According to Google Trends, the search volume and news references volume for WordPress is significantly higher than that of Drupal.  Of course, some of that is due to denial of service attacks and security flaws that people have found in WordPress.  But, that is actually good news because we learn from our failures.  The more we know about the flaws in WordPress, the more patches we can develop to tighten it up.  If we don’t know Drupal’s vulnerabilities then we don’t know what to patch.

Both have their unique qualities.  I think that Drupal is more of an enterprise level CMS and probably is stronger from a technical perspective.  WordPress is probably stronger from a usability perspective.

Whitehouse.gov is powered by Drupal.  Techcrunch.com is powered by WordPress.

When I Google, “powered by WordPress,” I see 224 million  results but when I Google, “powered by Drupal,” I see 13.4 million results.  When I Google, “WordPress,” I see 889 million results whereas Googling, “Drupal,” produces 81 million results.  I think it’s pretty clear that WordPress is more popular than Drupal.


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