Drupal preview is not working!

Yes, and it’s unbelievable that such a great and sophisticated content management system doesn’t offer a way to preview content as it’s going to look in the front end. What Drupal does is showing a preview of the content on top of the edit form of the content type in the back end, with the look and feel of the back end template, which is not closer enough to how it’s actually going to look in the website.

There are few modules that allows to do a decent preview on an iframe on top of the edit form, but they only work for articles and basic pages, not for custom content types. Page Preview is one of those modules which worked partially for us, but it’s not a solution for this Drupal limitation.

So, how do you explain to your client that his/her $250K website doesn’t support content preview? well, at least you can say that Drupal is aware of that problem, and it’s considering to offer a real preview option in the new version, check out this article: http://drupal.org/node/1510544

Issues: Actual preview of content
Numerous tests from the Minnesota ones, to the Google one just recently discovered that people do not expect the preview to be shown within their administrative interface. […] we would like to implement an actual preview of content.

In that article you can also read why the preview is not available in the current version and it’s a challenging feature to implement by any developer:

Implementing this properly will require an upgrade to how we store temporary data.
Right now, in Drupal, we store temporary data in a cache by caching the generated form. In order to preview, we have to process that form and reassemble data. This is fine when you click preview, but in a system like this, you’re actually visiting a different URL from the form. […]

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