Drupal 7: Display Unpublished nodes in a view

Long story short: Not doable with the default permissions (I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true)

Drupal 7 has a permission called ‘View own unpublished content’, and it works well when it comes to see the actual unpublished node, but it doesn’t work when you try to build a View with them, even if in the View access configuration you select the right permission.

I used a good amount of time debugging trying to fin out what I was doing wrong, then I found this page and I got the “Dude, really?” moment. You have to install a Contrib module in order to build Views like the one I described above.

The View Unpublished module allows you to do it, just install the module, set the right permissions, rebuild the permissions and voilà!

I hope you see this post before breaking your head, as I did!



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