Drug Side Effects: An agile prototype


In June 2015, a new type of Request for Quotation (RFQ) came out from the federal government from a group called 18F.  Instead of lengthy proposals from prospective vendors, 18F asked in its Agile Delivery BPA RFQ for a prototype.  The mission was to built a prototype based on a public dataset and show that work in a publicly available git repository.  This RFQ was only available to vendors holding a GSA Schedule 70.

Agileana rolled up its sleeves and sprinted over the course of a weekend to produce SideEffects.Agileana.com, which takes public health data, allows people to enter the name of a drug, and the app will produce a list of potential side effects from that drug.

In this case, the app shows top 25 side effects of Asprin.

This minimum viable product (MVP), along with demonstration of our agile methodology, allowed us to win a seat on the 18F Agile Delivery Services (ADS) Blanket Purchase Order (BPA).  We would love your feedback on how to improve this tool.

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