Dropping cookies to reinforce your brand through Google Adwords advertising

Retargeting, remarketing, ad stalking, spyware advertising

For about the fifth time in the past month, I have visited a website for the first time and then went onto either YouTube or some website that has display advertising by Google and saw, for a second time the company I visited earlier in the day or week.  What’s happening is that a company advertises on Google and when you visit their website, Google drops a cookie on your browser to track what you do and where you go on the Internet.  As soon as you visit another website that has Google advertising, you will see a paid advertisement of the company you visited earlier (provided they are a Google advertiser).

You will see in the lower left corner an Ads by Google for Scorpion Design, which I had visited for the first time today.  Then, a couple hours later, somebody sent me this article on the total number of websites.  When I went to the article, I noticed the ScorpionDesign ad.  This was NOT a coincidence.  When you see ads like this, after visiting their website, it reinforces their brand and makes an imprint in your memory.

Ten minutes after noticing their ad on a Business Insider page, I was visiting Stat Brain and guess what … I saw a vertical skyscraper ad for Scorprion.  Suddenly, you begin to see their ad everywhere and when it’s time to buy, you have more confidence because it has made such an impression.

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This is not new, articles going back to 2010 discussed the concept of “retargeting” and “remarketing” and “instant advertising” and “real-time auctions”:

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