Don’t leave it up to memory: Build forget-proof systems


The problem is that we often forget about things and those forgotten things bite or haunt us down the road because we forgot to do something. These are things like forgetting to include the Google Analytics tracking code in a website before launch, forgetting to unblock robots while developing a website in stealth mode, forgetting to perform 301 redirects from the old URL to the new URL, etc.


We simply cannot leave important, critical things up to memory. Memory fails us. We get distracted, we get rushed, we lose track, and we forget. We simply cannot leave things up to memory.  As information technology (IT) professionals, we need to create and automate systems that prevent us from making forgetful mistakes.

The obvious solution for most people is to simply create a checklist.  But here is the problem … we have checklists but people forget to use them.  They forget where the checklists are.  They forget to update the checklists.  New people don’t know about the checklists.

Checklists are only useful is people use them, if people REMEMBER to use them.  We simply cannot leave things up to memory. We need to build memory proof systems, fool proof systems, monkey proof systems, and idiot proof systems to ensure that we don’t leave things up to memory.

You don’t need to remember to add our brand link if you have built a system to automatically inject that link and automatically test that the link is there and working. Same thing for a Google Analytics code.

Checklists don’t work if you don’t use them and rely on them. They give you a false sense of security that you’ve done something.

Automate your checklist.

Don’t allow a website to deploy without passing that automated checklist. Don’t leave anything to memory. If we have a security protocol for when employees leave the company, automate it. Don’t rely on memory to remember all the UserIDs and passwords that need to be changed.

Automated testing is a technique that allows us to automate our checklists and take memory out of the process.  The gold-standard for automated testing tools is probably Selenium.

So, don’t leave it up to memory.

If things are falling through the cracks with your organization due to memory lapse, give us a call, perhaps we can help.

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