Does WordPress have to look like WordPress?

WordPress is not just for blogging

Most people think of WordPress as a blog software. While it is true the WordPress is great for blogging, it is so much more powerful than that. Indeed, WordPress can power all of the pages of your website and is one of your best friends for helping your site rank high on Google. In fact, probably the reason you are on this page right now is because you found us on Google. WordPress is a fully functional web content management system (CMS). Just about everything that a normal marketing website needs to do, WordPress can handle. And, according to BuiltWith Trends, WordPress is the most popular CMS on the planet (or in the cloud).

WordPress doesn’t have to look like a blog

People also think that WordPress has a distinctive look and feel. Not true. You can make WordPress look and feel like any other website out there. A talented WordPress designer along with a competent WordPress developer can make a WordPress powered website look like any other website that exists. You just have to have imagination, creative direction, and know how to work with WordPress on the back-end, which we do. Take a look at some of the beautiful WordPress powered websites that we have developed and deployed.

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