3rd Day of my Summer Internship Hackathon


Today started off with installing necessary libraries and programs, configuring the 7DHub project, and setting up the virtual box. This, as always, consumed a lot of time as I dealt with numerous errors and roadblocks, but with the help of Andres, the other team members and myself successfully setup the project. Midway through this process, Blake split us up into three teams: SaaS, SEOQ Tool, and Traction. I’m excited to be working with Claire, John, Jenny, and Andres on the SaaS team!

After lunch, the team with Blake prioritized the features of the minimum viable project using A,B,C,etc. However, Andres suggested that we first run through the Django tutorial in order to familiarize ourselves with the environment and how all the components interact. This took up the remainder of our time, and I successfully completed it at home. I think that it will be very helpful for tomorrow, when we will start to work on the registration and user profile management modules. Django was also very interesting to learn and I found myself enjoying the environment that is more complex than a single file of code. Let’s see how we tackle our tasks tomorrow!


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