Django Invitations and Email Sending


Today, we came face-to-face with another monster, similar to last sprint’s ordeal with custom email verification. While Claire and Jenny wrapped up the image uploading, John and I began researching different ways to implement community invitations, from a separate form page to enter email addresses to a pop-up modal form. After lunch, we rotated roles in order to gain new perspectives on the different tasks. By now, three user stories are in development and the other three are in the testing phase. John and Jenny began to integrate social media links to the user profiles, after successfully testing the keyword fields.

Claire and I sought Andres’ advice for the invitations, going through the flow of the invite from the community owner’s invitation to the acceptance of the newly registered member. He also suggested we look into the django-invitations library, which we may consider using tomorrow to streamline the actual email sending process. We began to develop an admin page for each community, including an invite members form plus button. Hopefully, we can complete these user stories in time for tomorrow’s demo!

On another note, it was cool to hear and celebrate Sydney’s success in receiving a reply from an SEO professional today! I’m excited to hear about the accomplishments of the other teams in the coming days.




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