Designing the SEO Algorithm for our SEO Tool

Day Eight:

Today, after our daily stand-up, we went back to our rooms and started looking into the QScraper documentation that Jose sent us. After a little review, we called Jose on Google Hangout to ask him what he was up to, fill him in on our final algorithm plan, and also let him know what extra documentation we wanted for our algorithm.

In the time between, we subscribed to the Majestic API and I also had my five minute chat with Blake.

After this, we worked on how to scale each component of our SEO tool to a number from 1-10 which would then be weighted. We got formulas for about five of the factors but some of these formulas may still be subject to change after some testing. Tomorrow we hope to finish these formulas and gain a deeper understanding of the existing SEO tool so that we can make a call on whether or not we want to start from scratch with the tool or use parts of the old code.


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