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Building a website is not unlike building a house. I can’t imagine a house builder showing up to his job site on the first day with sleeves rolled up, construction equipment everywhere, laborers standing around, and no blueprints or engineering plans. Indeed, every website should have some sort of blueprints, engineering plans, or a site map laid out prior to design or development.

In fact, the most sophisticated, functional, and complex a web application, the more crucial it is for a detailed blueprint that lays out every single page, call to action, page element, and navigational element clearly annotated.

The 6 P’s of Project Management

  1. Prior
  2. Planning
  3. Prevents
  4. Piss
  5. Poor
  6. Performance

inQbation™ is a website design and development firm with offices in Los Angeles, the Washington DC metropolitan area, and Bogotá, Colombia. We believe in the Holy Trinity of Website Development:

  1. Strong Design
  2. Search Engine Friendly (SEF) Technology
  3. Easy-to-use Content Management Systems (CMS)

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