CS Summer Internship Hackathon Day Two by Pranav Gulati

Today was a long day of discussion. Although we often took directions that we did not expect, constantly exploring tangents, it was definitely a productive day. I think that today was a critical step in moving forward because everyone was able to speak their mind about what they thought would work and what they were concerned about.

I really like the environment where Blake and Luis listen and adapt to everything that we have to say. I was a little tentative at first to disagree with the consensus or add my own ideas, but Blake was really good about encouraging honest discussion. I think we all had flaws in our ideas and these came out in a lively debate and conversation.

I am looking forward to refining the ideas about SEO and a community servicing platform tomorrow. I think that we are close to defining clear goals and getting to work actually building, marketing, etc. We started from 7DHub this morning and ended far from it this afternoon. But overall, today was a good day. Tomorrow will be better.


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