Day One of my Summer Internship Hackathon by Kunal Naik

My name is Kunal Naik and I will be a part of the Traction Team during this 2016 Summer Hackathon. When first applying for this internship, I imagined myself being a coder. For much of my high school career, I have been focused on coding through classes and in my previous internships. When Blake gave me the opportunity to be a part of the traction team, I was quite ecstatic. Coding is a passion of mine but learning more about marketing and business is also an interest that I am keen to explore.

During my first day at inQbation, I was blown away by the commitment of Blake, Luis, Andres and Jenny to this internship. They already have shown us that they are excited to see us learn and succeed, and that they will be very involved mentors and partners along the way. The space of the office is comfortable and the vibe was inviting. I am looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish as a team during this 6-week period. I hope that I can not only help to gain traction for products, but also work on some coding along the way.

Looking forward to a productive summer.


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