Day 8: Report for SEO Analysis Tool

On Day 8, Jessie and I started coding the report page for SEOQ. We figured that bootstrap HTML was the way to go as those websites are the most appealing to internet users, especially recently. The layout of the report began as three columns which each had a specific score. The first column would be the SEO rank, the second would be the Current rank on Google, and the last would be the competitiveness of the keyword which was input. After further discussion, and a call with Jenny, we decided to make the SEOQ score the biggest thing on the page when the report loads. Along with the SEOQ score would be a graphic of a fish in a bowl which is supposed to resemble the competitiveness of the keyword and the size of the fish resembles how well that webpage is doing. Today we hope to finish up the framework for the page as the other half of the team continues working on the back end code for the algorithm.

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