Day 7 at the Summer Internship Hackathon

Hi everyone!


Today at the Summer Internship Hackathon, Blake, Justin and I started off the morning with a meeting to make sure the Traction team was going in the right direction. We decided on a plan to reach out to SEO pros by email and LinkedIn messages. We also decided on a “growth hacking” method of a series of emails, all with the same message, just different wording. The version of the message with the highest response rate would be the most successful and we would be one step closer to speaking the SEO pro language.

In terms of the emails, we are going to send one per week, each with a call to action: Check out SEOQ, make a profile, write guest articles, and give us feedback.

To begin this communications process, I started a spreadsheet with SEO pro contact information. So far I have 100 names. Justin started making a sheet with guest blogger friendly websites, along with their Alexa ranking. Our standard is the ranking must be lower than 100,000.

While today was a lot of copying and pasting names, emails, and cities, it was very productive over all.


Have a great day!

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