Day 7: An Algorithm for SEOQ

Day 7 consisted of breaking down how the algorithm for the new SEOQ would work. There are many different variables that Google uses in order to determine the rankings of pages for each search. For example, the keyword phrases that appear in a URL, Page Title or Heading, all affect how good of a score a page gets for a certain keyword. In order to make SEOQ a better tool, we have to include as many variables as we can which we know have an effect on the ranking system.

After determining many variables, we had to decide how much weighting each variable would get in the model. So, for example, the keyword phrase in the URL may be more important (and thus more weighted) than a keyword phrase in a header. Hammering out this algorithm is very important because the accuracy of the algorithm will determine largely the success of the tool. An accurate algorithm is necessary for regular consumers and SEO Professionals to use our product. The next step is to start coding ways to receive the data for the different variables which are used in the algorithm. Also, Jessie and I will start working on the report of the data after it is collected. Our plan is to have three different major indicators: SEOQ Score, Current Google Rank, and Competitiveness of the Keyword. I am sure I will go into more depth of how these will be displayed as the report becomes more tangible.

Kunal Naik

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