Custom web development and design is out, pre-designed WordPress templates are in

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I have long suspected that custom web design is on the way out and is being replaced by more cost-effective pre-designed templates that can be quickly and easily customized and tailored.

Google trends pretty much sums it up.  Since 2005, searches for web design has steadily dropped while, at the same time, demand for WordPress – the world’s most popular and easy-to-use web content management system with thousands of free and low-cost pre-designed templates – has continued to march upward.   Likewise, Google trends for web development has been on a slow and steady decline as well.

When you compare WordPress versus Drupal, you will see that Drupal started around 2004, reached a peak around 2010, and has been on a decline ever since.  Meanwhile, WordPress continues to climb mountains.


Well, Drupal is really complex and is actually a developer’s tool whereas WordPress is a journalist’s tool and a marketer’s tool and an SEO professional’s tool.  It is easy, easy, easy and fast to install.  Best of all, there are thousands of world-class designs out there, already mockedup in free or low-cost templates that you can buy and install in minutes.

Why would anybody pay $5,000 to $50,000 to custom design a website when you can buy an equivalent design for less than $100?  Why wait 4-6 months for a custom designed website to be built when you can stand up a WordPress website in hours?  Make no sense or cents.

That is why custom web design is dead and dying while pre-designed WordPress templates are on the rise.

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