CS Summer Internship Hackathon Day 3 by Pranav Gulati

Today felt like the most productive of all the days. I was a little late getting in this morning because I had a dental procedure but as soon as I walked in, I could feel everyone was ready to get things done. There were lists of goals all over the office and we broke into three groups to start to get to work.

I am working on the SEO Tool. The product at seoq.com (a search engine optimization SEO analysis tool) exists but lacks sophistication and has accuracy issues at the moment. It will be our job over the next few weeks to improve the algorithm behind SEOQ and ensure that it is ready to be plugged into the community management system that the other group is working on. For now, my group consists of me, Joyce, Luis, and Jose. We spent the day planning our two day sprint and outlining the epic, user stories, and tasks that we are going to be looking into.

It was really exciting to get back into the Agile process that I came to really enjoy last summer. Our sprint planning session went smoothly and we were all able to get our ideas about what we could take on out into the open. We began to get an introduction about the technologies we are going to be using and although they are foreign, they seem conquerable with some time and guidance.

Today was good. Tomorrow will be better.


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