Summer Inernship Hackathon Day 1 by Claire Scoggins

Unfortunately I’m a day late on this, but I didn’t want to miss out on a single day so here is a recap of my first day at Agileana. Let me start off with an introduction: my name is Claire Scoggins and I graduated Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology about a week ago and I’m heading to Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science next year. I’m part of the sprinters team and am very excited to work on building something from ground up.

This first day was everything you expect a first day to be. There was house keeping there was introductions, there was a lot of talking (and I mean A LOT of talking). But I was really excited and surprised at how well everyone got along and how well everything went off the bat. It seemed as if the non-TJ and TJ kids flowed together well and some good dialogue flowed. Luis, Andreas and Jenny seemed really nice and experienced and I’m definitely excited to work with and learn from them over the next six weeks.

So far so good! On to day two and beyond!


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