Cross-browser compatibility IE9

Just when we thought that we had the last nail in the coffin of IE6 and IE7 and IE8 was making its way into the mainstream, IE9 comes along. For those of you who build government websites and/or are concerned about Section 508 compliance and cross-browse compatibility, you would know what a bitch it is to make a website look great on IE6, IE7, IE8, Safari, Firefox and Opera all at the same time. The worst of all is IE6. It’s a CSS-hacking nightmare. So, I thought we were almost done. But, as I said, IE9 comes along and my first impression is…


So, if the browser wars have begun then Microsoft loses another batter with IE9.  To illustrate, the following two screen shots are of a travel and tourism website that we are building for the Blue Ridge Mountain area, it’s called – as in Go Blue Ridge Travel.  The first screen shot is from Firefox and it looks at is should.  The second screen shot is from Microsoft Internet Explore (IE9) and, as you can see, it looks like dog poop.

And now for IE9…

Anybody else think IE9 sucks or is it just me?

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