How to Create a Successful Facebook Campaign

How to: Create a Successful Facebook Campaign

Everything you do to advertise your company, business, organization, services, etc. can be absolutely FREE, unless of course you decide to offer a prize.  But, If you believe that the return on.. market research, target audience analysis, outreach, company branding and a whole lot more – outweighs the cost of a contest prize then I’m here to help you learn some simple concepts for a successful facebook campaign.  On top of the mentioned benefits of a Facebook Campaign,  you’ll increase your company’s fans who will help you in viral marketing and exponentially increase your reach for the future!  This will make it easier in the long-run to communicate your products & services to potential customers.

Let me start by explaining our contest.  inQbation is giving away a FREE iPad to Facebook fans that participate in a brief 9 question survey. With all of the changes made to company Facebook Pages, it was important to quickly figure out a way to create a new strategy.  We needed to develop marketing initiatives that would help grow our business on a multi-dimensional scale while leveraging our Facebook Page at the same time..

  • Use Videos for a Facebook Fan Contest
  • Get Fans to Like Our Page Without Default Landing Tabs
  • Adapt to Changes with Pages on Facebook
  • Use Facebook Timeline to Market Our Campaign
  • Use Facebook Ads – CPC (Cost-Per-Click) Advertising for Our Campaign

How to: Use Videos for a Facebook Fan Contest

We’ve kept the campaign simple, allowing people to give feedback without making it a painfully confusing process.  Videos are a great way to communicate to your audiences, it’s important to connect an idea with a call-to-action. I kept the tutorial short and sweet, even though I personally think the contest is straightforward, not everyone knows how to interact with Facebook the way I do.  Let’s see if you agree.  Watch the one-minute video below to review how the contest works.

How to: Get Fans to Like Your Page Without Default Landing Pages

I applied the fans-only concept by implementing it to our previously installed “welcome page” app that was useful before Facebook Timeline was available.  It was the default tab that appeared as the landing page to We could direct users to click the like button to see the rest of our content, but now… Facebook Timeline displays company pages on one single view – meaning you can’t set a default landing page anymore!  This has really hurt the call-to-action we need from our users, which is Like Us! Friend Us! Join Us! Be Our Fan… also known as Click the Like Button!!

So now that Facebook prohibits the use of setting a default landing page for viewers, we’ve come across the problem of being able to drive traffic to our page but not being able to retain our visitors.  I came up with a way to combine our company’s FREE iPad contest with increasing Facebook likes to our page.

How to: Adapt to Changes with Pages on Facebook

When a user clicks on the app there will be two different images and instructions.  Non-Fans have to click the like button to reveal the information they’re seeking and Fans will see that information automatically.  More specifically.. the app shows a Fans Only view of the contest link, if you’re not a fan of our page, you’ll have to click the like button in order to access the contest.  This did require a little bit of HTML training but it was worth it to find a way to get fans engaged and connected. Visitors come and go, making a connection and creating a relationship has a higher potential of developing into returns for your company in the future – that’s why the Like button is so important for your business.

How to: Use Facebook Timeline to Market Your Campaign

Use the Cover Photo, Featured Links (Images), Profile Photo and Timeline to advertise your contest.  Create milestones, pin important posts to the top and highlight posts that support your campaign.  Highlighted posts are much larger than normal posts so this can be a great tool and visually engaging your fans.  Learn more about the branding strategies that can be used with Facebook Timelines for your company in my previous post Facebook Timeline Gives Branding Power to Companies.

How to: Use Facebook Ads – CPC (Cost-Per-Click) Advertising for your Campaign

The next step in getting the word out is Facebook Advertising.  First, you should research the current promotions for Facebook Advertising on Facebook Marketing Solutions.  Facebook is trying to encourage business owners to participate in Facebook Advertising and with a low CPC  of $0.50 to $1.50; a small budget can go a long way. The Start to Success Program for Businesses is offering $50 free to get Facebook campaigns started. I participated in a relatively easy online workshop, took a quick test about what I learned and received $100 in free Facebook Advertising about a month ago.  So, it’s apparent that Facebook is really trying to get users to test it out.

Need more proof that Facebook Marketing is valuable to the growth of your company, see for yourself: Success Stories on Facebook

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