How to pass the Acquia Drupal 8 Site Builder exam

This summer has been great so far. I got the chance to vacation with my parents and family in New York and DC. I also had the absolute pleasure of seeing my 5year old son ride a bike on his own. And oh yes, I cleared the Drupal 8 Site Builder exam.

Why attempt this certification, you ask? Why not? Not only studying for this exam brushed up my know how, it also taught me a thing or two that I would have not explored otherwise in my work life. And of course, Acquia certification is looked upon with respect in the Drupal community, so does not hurt.

How did I do it?

Study of course! But having worked with Drupal 8 for the past year helped. I cleared the exam with about a week’s preparation. And if I can do it so can you. So here’s a list of things I read, in addition to setting up multiple Drupal sites from scratch.

Study Material:

  1. Exam syllabus and basic info:
  2. Acquia Drupal 8 Basic Course:
  3. Acquia Drupal 8 Site builder Course:
  4. All materials that I could find on,
  5. Drupal documentation for security. and the links within it
  6. Security –
  7. Performance


My TOP tips to clear the exam in the first attempt:

  1. Sign up for the certification: Once the date is set, the stress helps you strategize and study better 😛
  2. Real project-like questions: Since 70%-80% questions are scenario based, having hands-on Drupal 8 site building experience is a must. Also, in some cases they expect you to know the exact name of configuration settings. If you have dealt with it in the past it helps.
  3. Read the questions carefully: Spend some time reading the questions and the all of the options. Many a times two or more options seem the same but have subtle but important differences.
  4. Use Mark for later option: The test allows you to mark some questions to be reviewed later. This is very helpful so you do not waste time on a question that is giving you a hard time
  5. Special note for Off-site test takers: I took the exam at home. You cannot speak while taking the test. I have a tendency of reading questions aloud sometimes, so while taking the exam, they stopped me once and asked to stay quiet before continuing. 😛
  6. Take your time: Don’t rush while answering the questions, time provided is pretty sufficient. (50 question in 75 minutes)
  7. NO CODE questions: Since this is a Site builder exam all questions they pose can be done using off the shelf Drupal 8. Views, contact forms, Blocks, Permissions, Roles, Layout of fields etc. There aren’t questions expecting you to write code.
  8. Multiple choice/Single choice questions: Some questions have 2-3 correct answers, whereas others has just one. Hence reading the questions carefully is very important.
  9. Exam questions covers all of the topics: Topics like internationalization, contact forms etc are often overlooked ( people like me :P) and there are questions in the exam that covers this topic as well. So my advice would be to cover all topics before attempting the exam

If you have read so far, I know you are committed to taking the exam. So here’s wishing you lots of luck.

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