Review of Clear WIFI 4G Mobile Internet Connection in Washington DC

Clear has its place and purpose.

We have found it useful in these situations:

  • When we first moved to our office at the CIT building, the only internet service providers, believe it or not, were industrial strength providers who wanted a couple thousand dollars per month for an Internet connection.  At the time, we only had one person in our office and it was not cost-effective.  So, Clear provided a cost-effective, wireless Internet connection at an affordable rate and decent enough bandwidth to do our job.
  • When Luis first moved into his apartment, Cox cable could not install his Internet connection for 2 weeks.  He couldn’t live without Internet because he needed to be able to perform project management 7 days a week, day and night.  So, we took the Clear to his house and he survived for 2 weeks.
  • When a friend sub-leased a townhouse that already had cable and Internet but he wanted to have his own access but Verizon would not create his own account, he used the Clear WIFI to get access.
  • From time to time when I need to go on the road with a laptop and no free Wi-Fi exists, I take along the Clear and can get access.  I just need to have power, which I can use at any mall or cafe or even use the adapter in my car.

So, it’s good for some situations but not all situations.  Having said that, even though they boast on their home page, “No annual contracts,” and “No long-term contracts,” the assholes still charged me an extra $120 “early termination fee” when I terminated – even though I pre-purchased their box for over $135.