cs internship hackathon 2nd Day by Christopher Hoang

Today, we spent the majority of our time exploring the 7DHub project idea as well as other avenues. I think that┬ásuch extensive discussion is very important early on, and I am glad we came to several conclusions by the end of it. First, we were able to identify SEOQ as the tool and niche that we would like to focus on even though our main project is still the 7D framework. Next, after a lot of back and forth dialogue, I think that all of the team members, including myself, better understood what we would be building in the upcoming weeks. This will be very helpful in tomorrow’s planning and developing.

It was very interesting to see how my ideas could interact with 7DHub as well as the ideas and projects of my team members. I’m excited to see where those ideas could end up in the future! These interactions definitely made the framework relevant to our interests such as drones, medical care, and cross training and also clarified 7DHub’s concept. By tomorrow, we’ll have our first sprint meeting and be off building this thing!


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