Celebrating Work Anniversaries!

Every few months, we like to acknowledge the people who make Agileana a great place to work. Between August and October, there are 5 members of our team celebrating work anniversaries:

Virginia Alvarez, Project Manager (6 years)

6 years ago, Virginia joined Agileana. She started here as a junior project manager and business analyst and quickly rose to become the lead project manager for one of our most important clients.

She is in a rare position where both her team and the client she works for respects her. We’re so proud of the work she does and happy she has stuck with us for 6 years. Thank you, Virginia!

Shefali Naik, Chief Technology Officer (5 years)

5 years ago, Shefali started working at Agileana and this company wouldn’t run any wear near as smooth without her.

She takes on some of the toughest clients and projects with a big smile, great attitude, warmth and charisma. She’s transformed this place to be more efficient and to run in a truly agile way.

We’re so happy she is here at Agileana. Thank you, Shefali!

Christian Le Fournis, Drupal Developer (2 years)

We’re celebrating 2 years of having Christian a part of our team.

He’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind or point out a potential problem to his team, but he always does this in a kind and understanding way. In short, he’s thoughtful, considerate, and helps this place run smoothly.

Also, we hear he is exceptional on the double bass.

Thank you Christian for all that you do!

Addie Walcott, Business Analyst (1 year)

Addie has been at Agileana for a year now.

She was thrown into a major project pretty much right after she started working here and has hit the ground running.

She’s organized, technical, responsive, and gets stuff done. She has a lot of potential and we’re excited to see her grow here.

Thank you, Addie!

Hans Anderson, Content Strategist (1 Year)

October 1st also marks Hans’ 1 year anniversary at Agileana.

Hans is a very professional and hardworking employee. His commitment and attitude have positively impacted everybody in the company and helped us to grow.

Happy work anniversary, thank you Hans!

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