Celebrating work anniversaries: Deborah Holmstrom, CFO

Deborah Holmstrom

At Agileana, we believe that work anniversaries are significant events – more so, in some cases, than birthdays.  This week, we are celebrating the first work anniversary of Deborah Holmstrom, our CFO.

The CFO position is probably one of the most important positions in a company. If a company cannot meet its expenses, make it’s payroll, keep the lights on, forecast cash flow, balance competing demands, and ensure the liquidity of the company, then it won’t stick around very long.  Deborah has introduced much needed discipline and maturity to an otherwise young tech startup.

So, we celebrate this anniversary along with another year of financial stability at Agileana, which allows the rest of the company to focus on their job, perform at their highest level, and provide outstanding customer service.