Celebrating a work anniversary: Virginia Alvarez

Congratulations to Virginia Alvarez on her two-year work anniversary with Agileana.

We originally met Virginia years earlier while she was attending college pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Interactive Media Design. At the time, she was seeking an internship with inQbation but we simply didn’t have the capacity to properly mentor an intern.  We discovered archived emails from my HR director telling me how much potential Virginia had.

Then, about four years later, one of our high performing employees produced this resume of a person whom he highly recommended. Her name was Virginia Alvarez. When I interviewed Virginia, she told me that we had actually met years earlier but I didn’t hire her.  I was embarrassed to admit that it slipped my recollection and we failed to seize that opportunity.  Fortunately, she gave us another chance and joined us in 2015.

It didn’t take long for Virginia to demonstrate her professionalism, competence, communication and leadership skills.  She spent a couple months working as a developer before moving up to business analyst to quality assurance to assistant project manager to agile project manager and scrum master. Clients love her, her team loves her, and we love her.  She is dedicated, committed, and the epitome of professionalism.

What makes Virginia so valuable and unique are her diverse skills and attention-to-detail. She can gather requirements, ask the right questions to clarify requirements, translate customer needs into user stories, specify definition of done so developers can perform test-driven-development (TDD), wireframe mock-ups so everybody can visualize the expected outcome and be aligned, manage time, manage people, manage budget, manage expectations, lead developers, lead clients, provide value-added recommendations, and get things done. She can effectively code, design, and communicate. Virginia is a complete package and the real deal.

We look forward to seeing Virginia continue to grow and develop at Agileana and hope she is with us for a long time.

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