California Web Accessibility Conference

CALWAC is a conference devoted to web accessibility and is typically held every January at California State University (CSU) Long Beach. CSU is a leader in high-quality, accessible, student-focused higher education.

The conference is organized by Knowbility, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1999 with the mission to support the independence of children and adults with disabilities by promoting the use and improving the availability of accessible information technology.

The topics and course descriptions typically offered by CALWAC include:

  • Access for Seniors by William Loughborough
  • Accessibility 101 by Pat Ramsey
  • Accessibility for non-technical staff by Kelsey Ruger
  • Accessible Flash I: Quality Assurance by Thea Eaton
  • Accessible Flash II: An Introduction by Thea Eaton
  • Accessible Flash III: Applied Practices by Thea Eaton
  • Accessibility Policy development and implementation by Deborah Kaplan
  • Accessible Social Media Tools by Pat Ramsey
  • Accessibility – What NOT to do by Glenda Sims
  • Accessible Data Tables by Jim Allan
  • Accessible Forms by Jim Allan
  • Accessible JavaScripting – Intro by Derek Featherstone
  • Accessible MS Office documents by Sharron Rush
  • Advanced CSS Techniques by Molly Holzschlag
  • Advanced Scripting Techniques by Derek Featherstone
  • ARIA – Making Web Applications Accessible by James Craig
  • Audio Description by Celia Hughes
  • Authoring Accessible Math with MathML by Geoff Stephens
  • Beyond CSS Basics by Molly Holzschlag
  • How to Read and Use VPATs by Jim Allan
  • Intro to Accessible JavaScripting by Derek Featherstone
  • Introduction to Dojo – An Open Source, Accessible Web Development Toolkit by Becky Gibson
  • From Basic HTML to Accessible Web 2.0 Using Dojo by Becky Gibson
  • Issues in Online Learning by Terrill Thompson
  • Making Multimedia Accessible by Terrill Thompson
  • Manual Evaluation Streamlined by Tom Jewett
  • Meeting Mandates through Procurement Practices by Glenda Sims
  • Mentoring Accessibility in the Real World by William Loughborough
  • PDF Accessibility by Sean Keegan
  • A Review of Different Approaches to Captioning by Kevin Earler
  • Testing for Accessibility by Jim Thatcher
  • Universal Design In Practice: Technique for Project Managers, Designers and Developers by Kelsey Ruger
  • Universal Design is Sexy by Molly Holzschlag
  • Usability Testing: Special Considerations for Special Populations by Jayne Schurick
  • Using Dreamweaver for Accessibility by Glenda Sims
  • WCAG 2.0 Demystified by Tom Jewett
  • Web standards, Accessibility & CSS by Molly Holzschlag

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