Business Startup 101

Guy Kawasaki wrote an outstanding book, “The Art of the Start,” on seeking venture capital and launching a business. In it is great advice that goes above and beyond simply raising money or starting a business. It applies to many things. But, one of the most important concepts that I walked away with, that has been confirmed over years of project management and business startups, is that sometimes you have to just do it.

Analysis Paralysis

Certainly, it pays to plan, think things through, and approach whatever you are doing with thoughtful purpose and deliberate action. However, there also comes a time when you need to just do something. In our pursuit of perfection, our perhaps procrastination, or fear of failure, or whatever, we sometimes tend to get bogged down in what many label, “analysis paralysis”. This is so true in many organizations large and small. And, it doesn’t matter if it’s a sole proprietor or a consortium of decision makers, it’s easy to just get bogged down.

Rapid Prototyping

While it’s great to brainstorm on a white board or paper, sometimes it’s better just to start slinging code. Get something out there, throw up a website or a blog, use a content managements system (CMS) so that a simple CSS switch or theme swap can change the entire look and feel of the website while the content remains the same. But, just get something out there and start working with it. Nike got it right when they coined the motto, “just do it”.