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FREE social media software to start your own social networking website

If you are looking to build a social media / social networking website from scratch, be prepared to invest tens of thousands of dollars.  You may even sink $100,000 into that social media platform.  Development time is also likely to be eight months to a year.

Fortunately, there is a cost-effective solution.  In fact, the software is free.

WordPress MU (the Multi-User version of WordPress), a free, open-source, GNU Public Licensed software used primarily for blogs but is also a phenomenal content management system. I say phenomenal because it’s easy … easy to install, easy to modify, easy to deliver content, easy to get indexed on Google and easy to use.

Check out, a prime example of a niche targeted social networking and content delivery website powered by WordPress MU. Another example is, which is a free online website builder for restaurants, also powered by WordPress MU.

Now, just because it’s free doesn’t mean you can simply launch it out of the box.  Well, you can, but most likely, you are going to need to create a custom design, install it in a hosting environment that has the bandwidth and disc space to handle volume and seed it with content to start attracting visitors.  You’ll also likely want to have some social media integration to help get it jump started.

If you need help with all that, give us a call. inQbation™ is a web site design and development firm that specializes in WordPress templates, WordPress plugins, and WordPress extensions. If you need a website, blog, or social networking site and would like to use WordPress as its engine and development platform, then please contact the experts at inQbation.

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