Building a CMS, Final Thoughts

After about 2 weeks I have finally finished a simple CMS and this blog will be about my experiences, comments, and final statements about the CMS. I would definitely recommend people to start building a CMS after learning PHP. The course I previously mentioned helped a lot as it when slow with a lot of explanation. The CMS itself really doesn’t require an extensive amount of php knowledge, rather it requires a lot of interaction with the database. Right now the best part of the CMS I created is probably the Adminstrator Dashboard which looks like

The part I like best of this is that it involved Javascript, for the google supported graphs, CSS/Bootstrap, for the design, PHP, in order to retrieve the data necessary for the graphs, and MySql, which had the queries and tables for the data, all while looking good. It is definitely better to work with a simple CMS to start with before moving into something like Drupal 8 and WordPress as you will understand the foundations and the core of the project and what is behind the cover. The journey was informative and I am sure that I will use what I have learned in the future.

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