Building a basic CMS

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been basically working on creating a CMS, something similar to facebook, quora, etc, but of course, much more basic and rundown since, after all, I am a beginner at this. To do so I’ve had to learn the basics of PHP and the intricacies of working with php, html, and mysql. It may appear to have a big learning curve, but in actuality, as I explained in a previous blog post, for someone who already has experience with html and java, learning the new php and mysql features were not that hard. Rather it was understand how to create various mysql data, store relevant information to each aspect of the table, including information about categories/topics, posts, comments, user, etc, and tying them into something greater.
Starting the CMS, I used an example bootstrap cms, with the bare minimum page layout and formatting so that I would not have to spend time on the design or the css portion of the cms. Using this tutorial course, which I happened to have bought during a sale for only $10,,
I was able to create the foundations of a CMS within just two weeks. What I have learned is that a CMS is nothing more than intricate connections between a mysql database and php. It is imperative to make sure that queries create dynamic, always changing, data that will update the pages and the community. The most important part to creating a CMS, is never overlooking possible mistakes in the code and making sure, whenever a new piece of code of more specifically, a new table in the database is introduced, to make sure all the information within the table is proper and that the table is utilized properly with no mistakes. The dynamic connections of each table is what really makes a CMS.

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