Branding your Twitter profile

There seems to be 3 types of Twitter users:

  1. The curious
  2. The casual
  3. The pros

Twitter pros don’t need to hear this message, they already know the power, utility and usefulness of Twitter.  They already get it.  But, for the curious and casual users, I would suggest that you actively use and leverage your Twitter profile to develop your brand, extend your network, drive traffic to your site and rebroadcast your message.

One of the first steps to leveraging the power of Twitter is to brand your profile using the same colors, logo, look and feel, branding and style guide that you use across your corporate identity efforts.  If you go to Settings, you can upload a background image.  I recommend that you take the same background image from your website, of get a custom background image designed that will work nicely with Twitter and reflect your current style guide.

What you want to do with your Twitter account is to reinforce your brand, give people a familiar look and feel and let people know that they are at the right place, that yours is the official Twitter page that represents you and your primary web site.

WASHINGTON, DC – Social Media Consultant

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