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Clean, simple web design

While I can’t take credit for the clean, elegant and simple web design of The Bowdoin Group – a professional staffing and recruiting firm based out of Wellseley, MA; I can certainly admire and comment on it’s simplicity and effectiveness.

The Bowdoin Group website simply works for me.  The navigation is clear and intuitive.  The font family is readable.  The logo and header is bold and impactful.    In less than a minute, I know exactly what they do and whether I have landed on the right site or not.  There is enough flash going on to make the site alive and less static.  And, they have integrated social media in a very subtle but effective way.

In short, the web design is well done.  The only shortfalls that I see and would recommend to The Bowdoin Group if I were their web consultant would be to:

  1. Get rid of Joomla as their content management system and replace it with WordPress.  We’ve worked with Joomla in the past and find WordPress significantly easier to design, maintain and manage content.  Joomla was a nightmare for us whereas WordPress is a Godsend.  Thanks – creator of WordPress.
  2. Give the site a little bit of search engine obsession (SEO) love.  The only keyword phrase that this site is likely to get found for is it’s name, The Bowdoin Group
  3. Add social bookmarking icons in addition to their social media profile chicklets.  It’s one thing to get people to visit your profile, but it’s quite another to get web visitors to share your site on their social media profiles.  That’s where the real power of social media and viral marketing exists.

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