BLVD Status will be Down starting tonight March 16 at 8pm Pacific

For the most part we have received nothing but positive feedback on BLVD Status. But if there was one thing we get along the lines of constructive criticism is how slow the Stats can be at times. So we have been working hard over the last couple of months developing better ways to process data to speed things up. We feel confident that we have a solution and we want to roll that solution out as soon as possible.

So starting tonight at 8pm PST, we will be shutting down for maintenance and since part of this new roll out will be implementing a new database structure as well as new servers we are expecting to be down all of Tuesday and maybe even a little into Wed. All of your stats form the beginning of 2009 will be saved. However, NO stats will be tracked during this maintenance window.

So essentially, you won’t have stats from Monday night to Wed Morn. We know that sucks. But, we love stats as much as you do and this is the quickest way for us to get over to the new and hopefully lightening speed process. Once this change is live, we will have more stable and scalable stats where we shouldn’t have to do this sort of thing again.

*Also, starting April 1st, you will need to update the BLVD javascript snippet you have on your websites. The current tracking code will work for a while on the new system but, we will be providing a different code that will become your new permanent code that will make your stats even faster. So while your old Java Script will work it is encouraged that you move to the new code given you as soon as possible to benefit from the new processing. The old tracking script will no longer work starting April 1st.

This and some upcoming features are moving us one step closer to coming out of beta! We have a lot of really cool features in the mix, really cool integration stuff, and a public API on the way. We are very excited for the future.

As always please contact us about suggestions, wish lists or anything else, we do listen. You can also follow both Chris and Patrick on Twitter to get the latest updates on BLVD.