Beware of iPad Notes iCloud insecurity

I have somebody else’s notes on my iPad

I’ve been keeping all of my important notes and meeting minutes on my iPad.  I even keep sensitive information such as the passwords to some of my accounts and the wi-fi access to many of my wi-fi points.  So, it was quite disturbing today when I went into my iPad notes and saw notes belonging to somebody else.  Even worse, all of my notes are missing?

Where are my iPad notes?

I’m guessing that since I used Apple’s iCloud that there was some confusion like a crossed telephone call that used to happen in the old days.  I have somebody else’s notes on my iPad and somebody else probably has my notes.  I’m not sure if it’s a perfect mix-up, i.e., Joe has Mike’s notes and Mike has Joe’s notes or it is a random mixup.  Could be my notes are just gone and I have Joe’s notes.  Could be that I have Joe’s notes, Joe has Mike’s notes and some random guy has my notes.

Either way, it is extraordinarily disturbing and a huge security breach on the part of Apple, Apple iCloud, Apple iPad, and notes.  Major boo boo!


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