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As discussed previously, inQbation has been using and recommending Media Temple for years. We love their world-class customer service and reliability, and the flexibility that their plans have to offer.

Media Temple recently launched a new premium hosting plan for WordPress blogs which costs $29/month. While that plan may be great for clients with simple blogs, we took a closer look and decided it isn’t the best fit for our WordPress clients who are really looking to grow their presence online.

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We actually recommend the DV plan to most of our WordPress clients, which for just one more dollar, seems like a steal at $30/month. Media Temple’s DV plan falls into the Virtual Private Server (VPS) category of web hosting. In general, VPS hosting provides additional security and flexibility over shared hosting environments. If your website is running on shared hosting, you’re more susceptible to the misfortunes of other users on your server; when your neighbors’ sites slow down or crash, your site may also be affected. Whereas with a VPS, your site is typically better incubated (get it?) from all of that drama.

Media Temple’s DV Plan has most of the important features that their Premium WordPress service comes with, including email, 24/7 support, and guaranteed 99.999% uptime, spare some special optimizations. But any expert WordPress developer worth their mettle will know how to optimize your site’s performance for fast load-times and scalability. Of course, “with great power comes great responsibility,” so it does take some know-how to get things going on the DV plan, but we’re happy to help our WordPress clients get setup with a DV hosting.

Perhaps most importantly, the DV plan affords our clients the ability to grow their web presence beyond their primary domains and/or brands as they see fit; whereas the WordPress plan is limited to 3 domains, with a DV plan you can host up to 100 different websites. Who knows—your business may change names and brands or even launch marketing campaigns with different domains at some point. Why would you want to confine yourself to using only 3 domains with such a powerful hosting service? It seems like such a waste.

To each their own, but we’d rather our clients spend the extra dollar per month for the extra peace of mind and flexibility included with Media Temple’s DV plan.

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