Best Buy Sucks

Catchy headline huh?  Last year, I wrote an article titled, “Circuit City Sucks.”  It became one of the highest ranking and most visited blog posts that I wrote.  It was inspired by a crappy shopping experience at Circuit City.  In a subsequent post, I predicted they would go out of business and titled that blog post, “Circuit City Going Out of Business.”  Then, when Circuit City filed for bankruptcy and eventually did close their stores, that article suddenly became a huge source of web traffic and inbound links.

So, now I’m writing about Best Buy and how they suck.  For one, they don’t have enough sales people in the computers and laptops department.  Worse, even if I have selected exactly the laptop I need without any help from the salespeople, I can’t just grab a laptop in the box and go to the checkout.  I have to wait for the geeky Best Buy salesrep to stop flirting with the cute girls long enough for me to inconvenience him to climb a ladder and give me my box. 

So much for Do-it-Yourself (DIY) shopping.  You’d think they would make it easier for people to give them their fricking money.  So, for that, and many other reasons, I think Best Buy sucks and the only reason they won’t go out of business is because there simply aren’t that many competitors left.

So, on Techcrunch, I was delighted to see an article about a funny video that was supposedly created by a Best Buy employ over the iPhone versus Android comparision.  It’s hilarious and you have to watch it.