Virginia Alvarez

Interactive designer turned Agile Project Manager and Scrum Master. She's in charge of leading the team through each sprint and ensuring the client is involved every step of the way. Her interests include exploring new ways to make the team more efficient and learning everything there is about Agile.
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Scrum and Agile – How to do a Sprint Retrospective

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The Sprint Retrospective is mainly for the Team, Product Owner included. Differently from a Sprint Review, the Sprint Retrospective focuses not on the Project, but on the Team and its processes (how they did what they did and how they worked as a team). There are two things every member of the Team should always … Continued

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Scrum and Agile – How to do a Daily Standup

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Daily standups are meant for developers and the Scrum Master; the Product Owner can be there too, but it’s not necessary. It is even recommended that if the Product Owner is present, s/he shouldn’t interrupt or let others interrupt on her/his behalf, since that make the meeting lose focus. They should last no more than 15 … Continued

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My takeaway from the WordPress Meetup

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This was a day of firsts for me. My first WordPress meetup, my first actual Meetup, my first time in DC, and now, my first blog post. As my first time in DC, it was disappointing, since we only got to know the CHIEF offices. As my first time in a Meetup it was ok. … Continued

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