Kashyap Addanki

I am a rising senior at TJHSST in Virginia and I am currently interning here at Agileana. I hope the blog posts I put up will be of use to people who need help or have questions.
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Building a CMS, Final Thoughts

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After about 2 weeks I have finally finished a simple CMS and this blog will be about my experiences, comments, and final statements about the CMS. I would definitely recommend people to start building a CMS after learning PHP. The course I previously mentioned helped a lot as it when slow with a lot of … Continued

Installing Open Social using Composer on a Mac

Installing Open Social using Composer on a Mac

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I had to install Open Social somehow onto my local computer server, aka, local host, but there were not that many tutorials online or guidelines. Many of them required extra steps or didn’t even explain the essential steps clearly. So I will be talking about how I installed Open Social. The first step is to … Continued

Thoughts on PHP

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PHP is a very similar coding language to Java, syntax wise. The declaration of variables, OOP, data types, functions and forming data all resemble that of Java. But, just as Java is also similar to python, PHP has python-like syntax/mechanics as well since variables can change data types easily, reading, writing, and deleting files in … Continued

Building a basic CMS

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For the past 2 weeks I’ve been basically working on creating a CMS, something similar to facebook, quora, etc, but of course, much more basic and rundown since, after all, I am a beginner at this. To do so I’ve had to learn the basics of PHP and the intricacies of working with php, html, … Continued