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Multimedia engineer turned Scrum Master and Project Manager who focuses primarily on UX, UI design, Usability and everything related to Interaction Design and Human Computer Interaction. Her interests include human psychology, blogging, gamification, and keeping up to date on the latest in design trends and accessibility.
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Why Government Contractors should Open Source their Software

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Open source software is nothing new, but the rise in demand for open source contractors is. From small companies to large enterprises like Google, the open source movement is in full swing. Unsurprisingly, most governments are a few steps behind the latest social and technological trends, so naturally, government contractors are hesitant to join the open … Continued

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Why the Government should Open Source their Software

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Let’s begin with a more pressing question, why does the government insist on using closed source software in the first place? Ben Balter, a reputable Project Manager at GitHub rightly points out the following: The federal government is the single largest purchaser of code in the world. So why is this code — taxpayer-funded and integral to the day-to-day … Continued

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User Research Methods for UI and UX Designers

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So you’ve been handed a project, told who your target audience is, and it’s time to get started on researching your users to ensure the final result of your project suits them and ideally fulfils a specific need. The end game for any project where users are concerned can be to appeal to them and lead … Continued

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Increase conversion with effective online forms

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Most websites have some kind of form on them, whether it’s to subscribe to a feed, download a resource, or contact the company. According to Formstack‘s very insightful research on how online forms are converting customers, there are more than a few trends that have been found to be either a hit or miss with … Continued

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Tips for Project Managing in a Web Company (lessons learned)

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When I graduated from my career, I was considering a professional future in everything from designing video game user experiences and interfaces, to gamifying apps and websites for higher purposes (social improvement, educational, etc.). Never once did the idea of becoming a Project Manager (PM) in a web development company form in my mind, and yet, a … Continued

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How to do a Sprint Review in Agile Development

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If you’re on a team just starting to get into agile development, or on a team who have long been applying it but suspect you may be doing it wrong, then you will want to read on and discover how to correctly perform a Sprint Review. Let’s go back to the basics. A sprint review … Continued

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My takeaway from the WordPress Meetup

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Let me start by saying that I’ve never gone to a WordPress meet up before, so this was a whole new experience that left me intrigued, but ultimately, not entirely psyched to return. After taking considerable time walking down the streets of DC at 6pm trying to find the right building, we were warmly welcomed … Continued

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5 Tips to write Engaging Content for your Website

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On the web there is one simple truth: people don’t read online. And let’s be honest, neither do I, and probably neither do you. It’s not that we’re all incredibly lazy, the reality is our days are so busy and our time is so precious that if we actually read every single word on every website we … Continued

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